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Spiking COVID-19 cases set new daily record of 1,859 cases in San Diego County, LA County sees spike in cases, hospitalizations

Saturday's new record high for cases came after Friday's 1,802 new cases in the county, the 18th day over 600 reported.

LOS ANGELES — Coronavirus-related hospitalizations continue to skyrocket with a new daily record of 1,859 new cases reported in San Diego County on Saturday. That number may be even higher in a few weeks because of gatherings over this holiday weekend. 

Saturday marked the 18th consecutive day that more than 600 new cases were reported in the county.

Now Los Angeles County is asking people to stay home again after a huge spike in new cases and hospitalizations.

It’s the holiday season, people are tired and frustrated with the pandemic restrictions but as the number of cases continue to go up here and across the state, tighter restrictions are being implemented and enforced.  

“No people on Christmas, no people on Thanksgiving,” said Gregory, who lives in L.A. County’s Monrovia.

The level of disappointment people say they’re feeling this holiday season is at an all-time high. The coronavirus pandemic is heading into another surge, with new cases in Los Angeles County more than doubling in the past month.

“This virus is not gonna go away, we have to do what we have to do to protect ourselves and those around us,” said Dr. Daisy Dodd, with Kaiser Permanente.

Starting Monday, a new safer-at-home order will be issued for L.A. County. The order advises residents to stay at home as much as possible, always wear a face covering outside the home, and prohibits all public and private gatherings except for constitutionally-protected church services and protests.

“I understand why they're saying that. I just don't know if it's proven that that's gonna help,” said Arnold Ontes, a small business owner.

The safer-at-home order for L.A. County will last until December 20. Health officials say they’re trying to relieve an overwhelmed health care system and save lives. Still, L.A. County businesses and their employees will be heavily impacted and non-essential businesses and activities like outdoor playgrounds and cardrooms will be closed.

“It's very difficult to watch. Especially when you know people, like we do who own these businesses,” Ontes said.  

San Diego County is already under purple tier restrictions and still, more than 1800 new cases were recorded on Friday and Saturday.

People are waiting anxiously to see what the numbers will be in a few weeks and if San Diego health officials will respond like they did in Los Angeles.

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