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CBS Poll: Californians support a vaccine mandate in businesses

The CBS poll also asked how vaccinated Californians feel about those who are not vaccinated

SAN DIEGO — Californians have a lot say about mandates and those who are not vaccinated.

CBS polled Californians about vaccine mandates, the rise in new cases and how it could have been prevented, and how vaccinated Californians feel about those who are not vaccinated.

Nearly twice as many Californians surveyed believe businesses should mandate vaccines for employees as those who don't.

It also found that it is not a partisan issue, four in 10 Republicans are OK with the mandates and more people are willing to use or visit such a business.

Question: Businesses: Mandate vaccines for employees? Yes: 67% No: 33%

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

With the Delta variant running rampant, the CBS poll found an overwhelming number of Californians say the state’s rise in cases was preventable had more people been vaccinated and taken more precautions.

Question: Recent rise in state’s coronavirus cases was: Preventable: 72% Not preventable: 28%.

Credit: CBS

There’s a dominant mix of Californians who believe there should have been more masking and social distancing in place and there needed to be more vaccinations to prevent the recent rise in COVID cases. Few Californians said there needed to be more guidance from scientists.

Question: What could have helped prevent state’s rise in coronavirus? Among those who say it was preventable: More masking/social distancing: 68% More vaccinations: 67% Slowing down re-openings: 41% Better guidance from scientists: 32%

Credit: CBS

There was a dominant mix of responses from fully vaccinated people on what they thought of unvaccinated people.

Question: Views about unvaccinated among those fully vaccinated: Putting people like me at risk: 59% Being misled by bad information: 57% Make me upset or angry: 47% Respect their decision: 27%.

Credit: CBS

While the unvaccinated Californians tend to describe their decision as a personal health choice, those who got both shots share that sentiment but add that it’s a public health responsibility.

Support for mandates is even more prevalent among those fully vaccinated in California (which is on the higher end of state vaccination rates) and among them, support rises to the 80-plus percent range. There are far fewer who say they won't get vaccinated are not supportive.

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