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State Epidemiologist ends pause on specific Moderna vaccine batch

The batch was put on hold after a number of people showed allergic reactions in a matter of hours.

SAN DIEGO — After days of a specific batch of Moderna vaccine being on pause due to an abnormal number of reactions, California State Epidemiologist has said the vaccine can be put back to use immediately.

The specific lot of vaccines that was put on pause contained 330,000 doses according to the California Department of Public Health. They say nearly 300 different providers across the state received a portion of them. Today they have permission to continue administering them, including at PETCO Park where residents say they'll take the vaccine if they can get it.

Carol Cornuelle, a San Diego resident said, “Excited, yeah cause after the second shot we can start planning our life again. I've had enough friends with no problem except pain in the arm."

After discussion with the FDA, CDC, and manufacturer, the state concluded there was no scientific basis to keep the doses on pause. They say at least one of the seven people who reacted had painless swelling around the face, but no-one experienced any severe or life-threatening reactions. It was also noted that because of the quick detection of these minor reactions, it shows the systems put in place to monitor safety are functioning at a high level. The state also noted that other states have used the same lot without any higher rate of side effects.

No reason was uncovered as to why that higher rate took place here in San Diego except that some of the recipients had a history of allergic reactions to antibiotics.

Thursday is stark reminder of how far we've come as it marks exactly one year to the day that the first coronavirus case was reported in the United States. Today thousands will line up at PETCO Park for the vaccine of that virus.

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