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Migrants gathered at US-Mexico border plead for food and water

Migrants continued to wait at the US-Mexico border in anticipation of Title 42 expiring one week from now.

SAN DIEGO — Migrants continued to wait at the US-Mexico border Thursday, anticipating Title 42 expiring one week from now.

About fifty migrants gathered beyond the fence near the International Wastewater Treatment Plant Thursday morning. The majority are from Colombia, but some said they're from Jamaica.

Two men who spoke to CBS 8 asked we not identify them. They said they fled Jamaica due to violence there.

"We need food and water," said one man. "It's raining, [we're] cold, hungry. There's no assistance, food, nothing."

Some migrants stood around a fire to stay warm.

"A lot of us out here, it doesn't matter what country you’re from, a lot of us, our lives are in danger, and we need help," said another man.

Adriana Jasso with the American Friends Service Committee brought the migrants food. Her colleagues arrived around 11:30 a.m. with more supplies. 

Meanwhile, several migrants were detained by US Customs and Border Patrol Agents Thursday morning near the Tijuana River.

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