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Sister of Maya Millete petitions for guardianship of missing woman’s 3 children

The filing comes two weeks after Larry Millete's arrest on murder charges. The Millete children have been with Larry's parents since his arrest.

SAN DIEGO — The sister of Maya Millete has filed a petition in San Diego probate court seeking temporary guardianship and, eventually, permanent custody of the missing mother’s three children.

The filing on Nov. 2 by Maricris Drouaillet comes two weeks after Maya’s husband, Larry Millete, was arrested and charged with his wife’s murder.

Drouaillet wrote to the court that the children could move in with her family – including her own children, ages 16 and 18 – in Moreno Valley in Riverside County.

“The children would be able to share a bedroom while we work on renovating our living room to accommodate the Millete children,” the petition stated. “If permanent guardianship is granted, we intend on moving to a larger residence in the same area.”

The filing also indicated Drouaillet intends to seek out therapy for the three children, and place them on her own health insurance policy if guardianship is granted.

“It may also be beneficial to put some distance between the Children and the media frenzy in San Diego County that has ensued as a result of the circumstances alleged to have occurred between Larry and Maya,” the petition concluded.

Currently, the couple's three children, ages 5, 10 and 11, are living with the husband's parents in Chula Vista, according to the court records.

News 8 spoke to San Diego family law attorney, Anton Georghiou, who is not involved in the case.  He said the court needs to make a ruling on guardianship soon because the husband is in custody.

“It may be a year, it may be two years before the case goes to trial.  He may end up sitting in jail for that entire time, and you can't just leave the children in legal limbo while dad is sitting in jail,” said Georghiou.

In the petition, Drouaillet said the paternal grandparents have not allowed her side of the family to visit Maya’s children since the Chula Vista mother went missing on January 7.

The court records allege Larry’s parents let the father telephone his children from jail, in violation of a criminal protective order and, “asked the older children to read him the news headlines about his criminal case, instructed the older Children [to] watch the movie ‘Shot Caller,’ which is Rated-R, and spoke poorly about our side of the family.”

“The Paternal Grandparents have recently demonstrated that they are incapable of protecting the Millete Children because they have allowed Larry to emotionally abuse them in violation of the [criminal protective order] issued October 21, 2021,” the petition continued.

“The Children are in an extremely fragile emotional state.  Larry is preying upon their young minds and utilizing his parents to directly violate Court orders.  Enough is enough.  Larry’s actions must be stopped,” the petition said.

A probate court hearing on the petition for temporary guardianship is set for Nov. 10.  A hearing in the same court for permanent guardianship is set for Jan. 19, 2022.

Larry Millete will be back in Chula Vista criminal court on Thursday, Nov. 4 for a bail review hearing.

WATCH: What will happen to the children of Maya Millete.  (San Diego family law attorney interviewed prior filing of guardianship petition):


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