SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — If you're a “Big Brother” fan you'll know San Diego was very well represented this past season. In fact, local Kaycee Clark ended up winning the reality competition on finale night last month.

Kaycee says she has always loved “Big Brother” so when the 30-year-old from San Diego was cast for season 20 she knew the perfect strategy.

"I wanted to lay low, play behind the scenes, not do too much - less is more,” said Kaycee. “I know I cannot trust everyone, and it worked out.”

Kaycee says she also wanted to be true to herself and as loyal as possible, which is why she took Tyler to the end over J.C. - a surprising move to “Big Brother” fans because JC seemed like a much easier target to beat.

"When I had to pick, there was no question I was staying loyal to Tyler. 100 percent,” she said.

Kaycee admits the 5-to-4 final vote was closer than she was expecting, but she knew her social game was strong and would be the difference.

That said she was also a beast in competitions, when she finally got the chance to play in them.

"I was never picked, and I was feeling like my name wasn't in the bag,” said Kaycee. "My first time playing a veto competition was day 46 and from there [I] started playing and winning them.”

As for life in the house, Kaycee says it's a lot tougher than it looks on TV.

"High stress everyday... I mean waiting to see what the next competition is going to be, who you can trust, what your next move should be, so it was hard, it was really hard in there,” she said.

Kaycee says that stress made going to sleep tough and adding to the anxiety - being cut off from the outside world.

"It's so weird - no phone, no TV, no radio,” said Kaycee.

So houseguests had no idea that “Big Brother” host Julie Chen's husband was forced out of CBS after allegations of sexual misconduct.

"I hope the best for her,” said Kaycee. “She's a good woman.”

Kaycee says she now getting recognized all over town and that people have been really friendly and supportive.

Without question, “Big Brother” has changed her life forever.

"It was cool, so surreal, it's been a dream of mine, a dream come true - and I still cannot believe it, man,” said Kaycee. “It feels so good... so good.”