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California ranks #1 in the nation for horse lovers

The Golden State ranks at the top of the list for horse lovers galloping past Texas, Florida, Kentucky and New York.

SAN DIEGO — California ranks number one in the United States for horse lovers, that’s according to study by Lawn Love.

CBS 8's Rocio de la Fe checked out the Blue Apple Ranch In Ramona to find out a little more about the majestic animals and what makes Californians such big fans.

The ranch offers horses a second chance at life.

"We like to think of ourselves as a safe heaven for abused and abandoned animals. And we have about 75 horses that will live out the remainder of their lives here," says executive director, Adrienne Wells Holmes.

Holmes says it’s not surprising that the Golden State ranks at the top of the list for horse lovers, galloping past Texas, Florida, Kentucky and New York.

"I think weather is a huge component as well. There’s more trail riding and camps and things that you can do," she said.

The study is based on the number of horse camps, dealers, boarding facilities, veterinarians and even riding trails.

"We looked at a lot of aspects of the equine industry based on more the business side and recreational side and I think California fits the bill for both of those main categories," said managing editor at Lawn Love, Sharon Sullivan.

California ranked 8th in care affordability.

Studies show being around the animals not only improve our moods but also our health.

"Around horses, you actually lower your blood pressure you have a sense of belonging and happiness and there’s just so many emotional, physiological benefits to being around horses and I think that’s why so many people love them," says Wells Holmes.

"It helps kids with all kinds of things, stress and anxiety. it helps people with disabilities, mental and physical," added Sullivan.

Before the pandemic, the Blue Apple Ranch offered an interactive program with horses and foster kids. Wells Holmes says, the connection between the horses and children is evident.

"There was this emotional connection that was just undeniable and I think you could really see it in the kids that were here and that they felt heard and connected to these animals. and it’s almost as the animals sense that as well," she says.

To read more about state rankings, click here.

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