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Dog tests positive for drugs after neighborhood walk in San Diego

Vet tells owner they have seen four similar cases in just the past three days.

SAN DIEGO — A San Diego man is warning his neighbors to be extra careful when taking their pets outside. 

His dog came into contact with drugs during a neighborhood walk and his vet said she's not the only one. 

Roger Dunn's 3-year-old dog Zelda goes on walks up to six miles long each day. Sunday's walk around Hillcrest was nothing out of the ordinary but how she acted afterwards was.

"She began moving her leg erratically and it got more and more complicated," he said. "She became very frightened,"

He rushed her to the vet and soon found out what was wrong.

"They screened her urine because they suspected she had some sort of drug effect," Dunn said. "They found methamphetamine and amphetamine two separate things,"

Zelda was put on an IV with a sedative for more than 36 hours. She will soon be checked for liver damage. Dunn posted to the Nextdoor App to warn his neighbors.

"Several people have replied their dogs have had a similar event happen so there's reason for concern," he said.

The vet told Dunn they'd seen four similar cases in just the past three days. 

"In the years that I've lived here, as everyone on this block and these blocks will tell you, things have gotten considerably more hectic through the years," he said. 

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