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Mira Mesa and Clairemont Mesa residents get their fill of pothole problems

Data shows Clairemont Mesa and Mira Mesa have had highest number of pothole complaints since 2016.

SAN DIEGO — San Diego resident Christopher Petschek was fed up with potholes along Miramar Road, so he reported them to the city using the Get It Done app.

“I've hit several potholes, fortunately no damage to my vehicle, but it's just an inconvenient nuisance.  You can actually run the risk of de-aligning your vehicle and possibly popping a tire and having to replace it altogether,” said Petschek.

Turns out, Petschek is not the only San Diego resident reporting potholes along Miramar Road.

So far this year, Mira Mesa (which includes Miramar Road) and Clairemont Mesa are the two communities with the most pothole complaints, according to data CBS 8 compiled from the city's website.

Since 2016, residents in Clairemont Mesa and Mira Mesa have submitted more complaints on the City's Get-It-Done app over unfilled potholes than any other communities in San Diego. 

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To be fair, Miramar Road and Clairemont Mesa Boulevard have a lot of traffic, especially truck traffic.

Driving along Miramar Road, you can see that a lot of the potholes already have been patched.

“They patched the holes, so if that's their definition of fixing it, they're not actually fixing it where they're actually repaving the whole roadway again,” said Petschek.

Earlier this month, Mayor Todd Gloria told CBS 8 that fixing potholes was one of the key issues San Diegans are concerned about.

“They want their local government to keep them safe, they want to fill the potholes, and they want to address homelessness.  These are the main priorities in our budget,” Mayor Gloria said.

A spokesperson for the mayor’s office said next year’s proposed budget does not include an increase in pothole repair spending, and the amount will remain at $3.1 million.

“However, the Streets Division as a whole is getting a $5.7 million increase and 18 additional positions,” the spokesperson added.

Petschek, the San Diego resident, said he did get a response from the mayor’s office, as well his city councilman’s office.  So, at least someone is listening.

“I'm a firm believer in, you know, if you're a citizen of the city and you see something wrong, you got to bring it to their attention because maybe the city is not really aware of it.  Maybe the mayor's office has a lot of other things on their mind,” Petschek said.

You can download the city’s Get It Done app from the app store and use it to upload photos and report potholes, graffiti and other city service requests.

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