NATIONAL CITY (CBS 8) – Lights whirl, rides twirl. The beat is pumping, cars are bumping and feet keep jumping. It's just another day at John's Incredible Pizza, a cavernous indoor recreation center.

"Roughly about 44,000 square feet – we occupy what was once the bottom floor of the Mervyn's that was here at Plaza Bonita," store director Fred Knight said.

Bombastic beats are the driving rhythm to this Fun Card-driven walled-in Wally World.

"We've got 100 games and attractions," Knight said.

Incredible John's Pizza even offers some full-sized carnival rides. In order to enter the Fun Zone, you've got to purchase the buy-in buffet.

"We're an all-you-can-drink or eat buffet, unlimited. So you come in, purchase the buffet and then you purchase the Fun Card and spend time in our arcade," Knight explained.

The luncheon buffet runs $6.99 and includes a salad bar, a baked potato and pasta station.

"We also have pasta noodles with four different kinds of sauces you can mix and match, and make your own pasta up," Knight said.

Of course, it wouldn't John's Incredible Pizza without a pizza oven.

"Nacho pizza, garlic pesto pizza, barbeque, chicken ranch. Any pizza that we make here at John's, you can request it to be made and we'll make it for you," Knight said. "We have a spicy peanut butter pizza, that's our signature pizza."

The dessert bar features fresh fried mini-donuts and red velvet cake. The buffet can be consumed in any one of four different-themed dining rooms, from sports to cartoons.

"Once you come in and get your food, you go into a dining room and you forget you are in a buffet," Knight said.

Of course, if you want to do your own thing, "We run a pretty brisk party business. We have eight party rooms," Knight said.

And after all this grazin' on the grub, let the games begin. No time to linger, you can ring the dinger or pull my finger. It's a mind-numbing, mix, mirth and madness in the mall at John's Incredible Pizza.

John's Incredible Pizza

3010 Plaza Bonita Rd.
National City, CA 91950