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'We’re just really excited that it is our home' | Married couple share tour of their 300-square-foot tiny home

CBS 8 took a tour of a 300 square-foot tiny home that a married couple has been living in for 3 years.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — As housing prices soar across San Diego, tiny houses are becoming viable options for people willing to downsize and simplify.  

CBS 8 took a tour of a 300 square-foot tiny home that a married couple has been living in for 3 years. 

“We’re living the life of tiny home people,” said Lindsay Wood.  

She and her husband Eric had their tiny home on display at Tiny Fest in Del Mar over the weekend. It’s on wheels so that it can be towed when they travel. 

“We’re just really excited that it is our home,” said Lindsay. “Our cabinets, our clothing, our bedding, all the things that we’re comfortable with, our spices magnetized to the refrigerator.” 

They have everything they could want, all within 300-square-feet, including a fully functioning kitchen. 

“We have a full deep sink,” said Lindsay. “We also have a water filter, reverse-osmosis like you would see in any other home.” 

Eric worked in the catering business for 25 years in the Bay Area, so having a chef’s kitchen is a must for them. 

“I only have 3 cooking implements,” said Eric. “The toaster, the burner stove, and the hot water kettle, which doubles as a cooking instrument.” 

Lindsay is known as the ‘Tiny Home Lady,’ and she does consultant work for people who want to go tiny.  Her motto is ‘if you reduce the size, you can increase the luxury.’ 

“When I take a bath, I also can hear music so I’m like chillin’ out. It’s a steamer so this right down here, that’s why the doors close,” said Lindsay. 

Their kitchen is equipped with regular-sized appliances. 

“Freezer on the bottom and then full-size fridge because we are foodies,” said Lindsay. 

And they have plenty of closet space. 

“On one side, I’ve got all of my storage, my hat area, my pens and paper,” said Lindsay.  “And even this cool desk so if I need more space where I’m writing, I’ve got this.” 

According to Lindsay, most people can plan on spending between $70,000 and $90,000 to have a tiny home built. Because they have solar panels, they spent $125,000 on their tiny home. Lindsay warns that once you go tiny, you might never go back.  

“What I love about having a tiny home is the wonderful ability to have everything that we need, the bathroom, the sleeping area, the living, working, all of that. All you need is multi-functional furniture.” 

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