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Musgrove family coffee shop busy after Padres advance in playoffs

Joe Musgrove's parents own 'Caffé Adesso' on Tavern Road in Alpine, not far from El Cajon, where the star pitcher grew up.

SAN DIEGO — The Padres big win over the New York Mets on Sunday made for some long lines at an East County coffee shop Monday.

Joe Musgrove's parents own 'Caffé Adesso' on Tavern Road in Alpine, not far from El Cajon, where the star pitcher grew up.

"Oh yes, this is very busy. They're asking about the Padres and see if we watched the game and they're just really excited about everything that happened this weekend," said employee, Melissa Martinez.

CBS 8’s Shannon Handy spoke with one family who drove up from National City, decked out in Padres gear.

"Absolutely. We have to support our boy Joe.”

And they weren't the only ones.

"Especially after what happened yesterday. We got to show our support for Joe Joe," said one Padres fan, who drove from Chula Vista.

She says watching Joe Musgrove and the rest of the team advance in the playoffs is a feeling like no other.

"I'm a season ticket holder, so I've got my tickets ready and I'm so excited! Called my dad and said, 'Dad, we’re going!' So, it was a lot of fun especially sitting next to Dodgers fans. They're excited too because they get to come here and we get to stomp them at home!" said the Padres fan.

Throughout the morning, the walk up line was just as long as the drive through, and no one appeared to complain.

"It's always worth the wait. It's amazing coffee. It tastes great and we're happy to support," said Cameron Hurtado.

Joe Musgrove’s parents have owned ‘Caffe Adesso’ for about twenty years.

But, you'll only find one picture of him posted on the wall inside. If you're lucky, you may catch him in person.

“Every once in a while you get a sighting, so it's kind of fun every once in a while you show up and he's here," said Martinez.

Employees say you're more likely to see Musgrove's mom, who comes in a couple times a week.

"Comes in, makes coffee, talks to the customers. It's really fun," said Martinez.

One of the most popular drinks on the menu is “The #44,” named after Musgrove.

Though it's not just the coffee people come for.

It's the pride they have for a hometown kid who is not only making his own dreams come true, but is doing the same for an entire fanbase.

“Just hearing El Cajon mentioned on a national ESPN broadcast and you know bringing a lot of pride to El Cajon, we're proud of Joe Musgrove and everything he's done for the city and the Padres," said Hurtado.

“He left, came back and is happy here and is breaking records and making history back home.  It's super exciting to have that here,” said one fan.

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