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Green bins start rolling out in neighborhoods across San Diego

If you live in the City of San Diego, the green recycling bins are coming to a neighborhood near you.

SAN DIEGO — Friday marked the first day of the City of San Diego's rollout of the Green Organic Recycling bins, and they'll be coming to a neighborhood near you. 

Collecting organic waste and keeping it out of landfill will help the city of San Diego comply with California Senate Bill 1383.

"All your food scraps, coffee filters with coffee, yard trimmings, anything organic can go in the bins," said Matthew Cleary,  Assistant Director of Environmental Services.

Neighbors across San Diego were out during the rollout.

"It's been a very welcoming response; people are excited to get the bins... we're excited that they're excited," said Edward Pettis, who was watching the delivery.

"I did figure the green color was something environmental so, finding out they were composting bins, I thought that was a good idea," Pettis said.

And he believes his neighbors will too.

"They have participated in being responsible for recycling over here, separating items. I think this is the type of neighborhood that will support such a program," Pettis said.

The city plans to distribute the bins on your designated waste collection day.

"To get all the Wednesdays collected comes out, it's going to take about two months. We'll finish up Wednesday, work our way through Thursday and Friday, and work back on Monday and fish up on Tuesday."

The total time for the rollout is about eight months and if you already have a green bin, wait for your bucket to begin recycling kitchen scraps.

And to be clear, these Green Organic bins have nothing to do with Measure B, and you are getting replacement trash cans coming in the future. 

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