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Emergency preparedness: What should be in a wildfire evacuation kit?

It's important to be ready to evacuate within 15 minutes.

SAN DIEGO — It’s a familiar sight to many. Intense fires burned up and down California and into the Pacific Northwest in recent weeks, including the Valley Fire in San Diego County.  While we may be used to the destruction, it’s important to know what we can do to mitigate disaster.

Since most wildfires affect rural parts of the state, landowners should take the time to create 100 feet of defensible space around their property. Clearing brush and debris can help stop the fire from spreading and could protect your home.

Sit down with your family to make a plan of emergency. Identify escape points in your house, set meeting spots if you are separated and identify a place to stay if you are evacuated. If you have pets or livestock, plan out a location to board them while you’re away from your home.

When it is time to evacuate, have an emergency kit packed with everything you’ll need while you’re away from home. 

Here’s what I put into mine: A few changes of clothes, water, snacks, sturdy shoes, medication, cell phone charger, flashlight, batteries, a multitool, battery-powered radio, lighter, important documents like passports and social security cards and a good book.

If you would like more information on how to prepare for wildfires or emergencies, head to ReadySandiego.org.

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