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Solana Beach woman accused of killing stepdad testifies about finding nude photos of herself on his computer

"It was the most violating, awful gut-wrenching feeling ever. I felt sick, I felt I couldn't even touch my own skin," testified Jade Janks.

VISTA, Calif — The Solana Beach woman accused of murdering her stepfather took the stand in her own defense for the second day in Vista court.

Friday morning, 39-year-old Jade Janks told the jury about the moment she found nude photos of herself on her stepfather Thomas Merriman's computer.

Janks said she was cleaning Merriman's home while he was in the hospital when she discovered the pictures. 

"When I went to clean in his office area, I'm wiping things down, I bumped the mouse, and it shook the screen awake. There's a picture of female breasts on the screen. I have a beauty mark on my chest, those are my breasts," testified Janks.

WATCH DAY 2: Solana Beach woman accused of killing stepdad testifies 

Janks was emotional as she told the jury that she saw more than 100 nude photos of herself on her stepdad, Thomas Merriman's computer and that he had actually cropped some of the pictures of her -- and divided them up into different folders based on her different body parts.

She testified that the photos date back to when she was as young as 16 years old and that the pictures had been on her laptop and on a digital camera - in private folders, that she never thought he would have access to. 

Janks' defense attorney repeatedly asked her, if she ever showed photos like this to Merriman or did she ever tell him about these photos.

Janks kept saying, "No, no he was my dad."

Jade Janks is accused of killing Merriman by giving him pills and suffocating him.

His body was found under a pile of trash, next to his garage on Jan. 2, 2021.

At one point during the morning testimony, her attorney told her to speak directly to the jury and to tell them how finding the photos made her feel.

Janks said, "It was the most violating, awful, gut-wrenching feeling ever. I felt sick, I felt I couldn't... even touch my own skin. I don't know if there [are] words, not even in a movie have I seen something so sick."

The jury was handed a packet that contained what looked like thumbnails of the photos where they passed the packet from one juror to the next.

One woman shook her head as she held the packet for a moment before she passed it down while other jurors looked it over quickly.

After a lunch recess, the court will resume and it is expected that Janks will be cross-examined by the prosecution at some point on Friday afternoon.

Janks faces life behind bars if convicted.

WATCH: Solana Beach woman charged with murdering stepdad testifies (Dec 15):

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