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Holiday House in Chula Vista holds a thousand pieces of Mexican folk art

Imagine believing in cause so much, you were willing to invite all of San Diego over to your home.

In this Zevely Zone, I went to Chula Vista to behold a house filled with more than a thousand pieces of Mexican folk art.  

"Guadalajara, Guadalajara." 

This story starts with David and Barbara Garcia singing the famous song because it was during a trip to Guadalajara, Mexico when a Nativity scene stole their hearts.

"My mom always took out one Nativity set that she had reverently every year and set it up and it just brought back that memory," said Barbara.  

I am inside their 3,500-square-foot home that is filled with holiday cheer and countless Nativity scenes. Not only was Jesus born in that spiritual scene, but the Garcia's love for Mexican folk art. 

"I am so proud of my Mexican culture and the history that entails," said Barbara.  

The Garcias spent more than 20 years collecting art in 80 tiny towns in Mexico. 

"They open up their homes to you they invite you to eat, they invite you to drink, they invite to me be merry and be happy," said David. 

Barbara sits on the board for Arts for Learning San Diego, a non-profit that teaches art skills to students across San Diego and engages professional teaching artists to provide high-quality arts-based educational opportunities in all art forms; advocating, leading and advancing education through the arts. 

"I just think that the younger the kids are exposed to the arts, the more they appreciate them," said Barbara.  

Just like the people in Mexico who opened their homes to the Garcias, the Garcias will open their home to San Diego this Sunday to eat tamales drink wine and try some tasty treats. 

"You'll be filling people with culture and food?" I asked. 

"Absolutely, absolutely," said Barbara.

Barbara and David say when you're married for 32 years, it helps to not only share your heart but something in common. 

"It looks beautiful, and it is something that she and I created together, together," they said.

What started out with a single reason for the season Nativity scene has grown. 

"I don't have an official count but we are close to 100," said Barbara. 

This Sunday if you want to visit their home and say what everybody else says, "Oh my god," David said with laughter.  

A colorful Christmas collection and feast awaits.

"We want to share this with people and we think this is a worthy cause, said Barbara.

There will be a raffle, traditional Mexican holiday treats and drinks. VIP tickets will include an intimate guided tour of the full collection from the Garcias and private cocktail reception one hour before general admission. Spaces extremely limited.

The Garcia's open house is this Sunday. Tickets start at $25. for more information go to www.artsforlearningsd.org.