SAN DIEGO — The Broadway musical, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is playing at the Civic Theatre, which means parents are sharing the magic of golden tickets and Oompa-Loompas with another generation of dreamers.  

In Thursday's Zevely Zone, Jeff was invited to take a behind the scenes tour and met the Willy Wonka of Wardrobe and then the man himself.

The tour started with Erick Sundquist, the wardrobe supervisor for the traveling show, and it's good to be home.

"It's rare that I mean a true San Diego, but you grew up in Jamul and went to Valhalla High right?" asked Jeff.  

"Yes, that's correct, I love San Diego," Erick responded smiling from ear to ear.

Erick lives in Brooklyn now but before Broadway he found his golden ticket at the La Jolla Playhouse. 

"It was unexpected and the sky is the limit. There are no dreams that can not be made in theater," said Erick.  

So, because dreams come true on stage, Erick dressed Jeff up in the famous Willy Wonka coat and top hat for his next appointment with the show's lead, Noah Weisberg.   

"Is this velour?" Jeff asked.  

"I think it's velvet," says the New York University graduate and professionally trained actor.  

Noah has performed on stage but has also starred on many television shows and more that 175 national television and radio commercials. 

"A five, six, seven, eight," Noah counted Jeff into a Willy Wonka dance step.  

It quickly becomes apparent Jeff can not sing, dance or act, but with a the magic of golden tickets and a few Oompa-Loompas maybe he can fool himself with "Pure Imagination".

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory runs at the San Diego Civic Theatre through Sunday, May 19th. 

For ticket information, click here.