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Line dancing meets soul music in La Mesa

Fitness doesn't stop at 50.

LA MESA, Calif. — How would you like to get your groove on with not just line dancing, but "Soul Line Dancing"? 

"Five, six, just walk to the right," said former Navy man, Ed Griffith, who is showing a group of seniors how to float across the dance floor. He says if you've ever had a temptation to dance like an R & B legend, he's the instructor for you. 

"Let's get physical," said Ed with a big smile.  

San Diego Oasis was hosting its annual Fitness Palooza. The event kicked off the New Year at a time when fitness and health goals were among the top four resolutions people make.  The event encouraged adults 50+ to find their groove and try new fitness activities offered by the nonprofit throughout the year.

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One of the most popular classes that attendees can try is SOUL LINE DANCING, which Ed teaches. It all started when someone once asked Ed to go country line dancing. 

 "I was like oh no, oh no. I don't do country," said Ed. 

He thought to himself: What if he could put some soul into it?

"I was like 'ah, R & B music, jazz, gospel' and that was the change for me," said Ed.

"We are redefining aging everyday and what it means to be older," said Simona Valanciute, the CEO of San Diego Oasis.

"So 50 is not old, we agree on that right?" said Simona.  

I said, "I turn 50 this year." 

"Exactly," said Simona. "So you can get out there and bust some chops with Ed, with Martha and everybody else."

The dance floor was filled with first timers like Steve Hire, who blew off his Tai Chi class to line up. 

"I just kind of do things," said Steve.

 If you do mess up the steps, "Doesn't matter, dancing is dancing," said Ed. "It's just a lot of fun [that's] stress free." 

Ed said when you lay it on the line, it's good for your soul.