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Teacher caravans hit the streets to cheer up students

Teacher caravans have driven by the homes of thousands of students in San Diego County.

CARLSBAD, Calif. — We've got your feel-good story of the day. Over the past week, several schools in the San Marcos Unified School District have organized teacher caravans in order to see their students. In this Zevely Zone, I went to Carlsbad for a day of sunshine and smiles.  

I was met in the La Costa Meadows Elementary parking lot by the incredibly upbeat office administrator Heather Cooper who yelled, "We got music. We got dolphins. We got all kinds of people here."

Before we proceed I should explain a dolphin is the school mascot!  A dolphin mask was mounted to the top of a car along with encouraging signs.  The teacher caravan, fifty cars long, was ready to roll.

"You know what? Our students just want a little love," said teacher Mrs. Cherveny. The teachers say if students can't come to school, they'll take their school to the students.

Credit: KFMB TV

"We are so excited to see the kids, we miss them so much," said teacher Ms. Polero.

Principal Mandy Bedard approved the 50 car teacher caravan. "Absolutely, we are bringing the love from LCM to our students to let them know that we are still here we are all in this together and together we will get through this," said Principal Bedard.

The music was loud! "Are you the DJ?" I asked.  The good looking tan P.E. teacher in the back of a truck yelled, "I am the DJ Coach Chindlund Whoa!!." A long line of love that couldn't even leave the lot without meeting its first customers. 

"You guys are the best, thank you!" yelled a parent with her fifth-grade son, Logan.

Across the street, more parents and kids. "Thank you teachers, you are awesome!" yelled a mom. Several schools participated in the parade that partied its way past thousands of homes.

"Did you see your teacher?" said one mom holding her young daughter wearing pajamas.

Teachers told us they needed this just as much as the students. "We need to make the connection still. It's one thing to be face to face on a computer but it's another thing to see humans out there," said teacher Ms. Pachino.  

Families that lined the streets couldn't agree anymore. "I feel like I am going to cry because I mean we don't know when this is going to end but they are doing their part we are doing our part I just hope that everybody in their community is safe," said a mother. Followed by her daughter telling us, "It makes me happy because I miss a lot of my teachers and I get bored sitting at home."

Credit: La Costa Meadows Elementary

The caravan was moving so fast, we didn't have time to ask every person for their name. "What do you think dad?" I asked a father with three kids. 

He told me, "Oh this is perfect since we are all stuck at home and since we are social distancing this is perfect to see the teachers."

Despite six feet of separation, students were reminded they can still cozy up with a book. "I'm the librarian so I have to say keep reading," said Mrs. Schneider. Usually, Mrs. Schneider is reminding children to be quiet, but not today.

"How does it feel to get loud?" I asked a young girl clanging a spoon against a pan.  

What she told me brought a tear to my eye, "It feels like I am just having my life just having a lot of fun."

Students aren't going to class, but they sure are learning a lot about the strength of a community.  Next to a huge sign, a father yelled, "We love you, we love you, we miss everybody!!"

Along with La Costa Meadows Elementary, Carrillo Elementary participated in the caravan today.  Richland Elementary and San Elijo Elementary organized caravans last week.

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