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Traditions to bring good fortune for the New Year

Around the globe, people eat certain foods to bring prosper for the New Year.

As we welcome the New Year a little differently, our traditions to bring prosper and good luck have not changed.

In Colombia, some run around the house as fast as they can with a suitcase to ensure good travels in the following year. Something we can look forward to do safely in 2021.

In many cultures food brings good fortune. Greens are for money and cornbread for gold.

In Black cultures, they add Black Eyed Peas to the greens for prosperity.

Several cultures eat a circular cake to bring a full year of luck and if you hide a coin in it and find it, it will bring luck the entire year to that person.

In Asian cultures, if you slurp Soba noodles without breaking the noodle it symbolizes luck.

Russians celebrate big but one New Year’s tradition is to write a wish on a piece of paper, burn it, and mix the ashes in your champagne glass before drinking it at the stroke of midnight.

Spaniards swallow 12 grapes for each month of the year. Latin countries also eat grapes.

While cleaning may not be a fun chore to do, many sweep out the old to welcome the new.

In the U.S. many ring in the new year with a kiss at midnight.

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