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Groovin' with Garegnani: Paddle board yoga in Carlsbad

If you're looking to take your practice off your mat and onto the water, consider giving paddle board yoga a shot.

Breath. relax. repeat. 

Now, take a moment. Give yourself the pleasure of discovering paddle board yoga. 

Jake and his 1979 VW bus, Penny Lane, cruised north to the Agua Hadionda Lagoon in Carlsbad to show off this aqua twist on the meditative practice of yoga. It's a new challenge of balance, coupled with the calming qualities of water. 

Floating Yogis was founded seven years ago by yoga teacher Marci Kawar and paddle board enthusiast Sarah Freeman. The combo is for all levels of yoga and paddle board students alike. Floating Yogis strives to connect students with nature while experiencing the healing and restoring powers of yoga.

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The women at Floating Yogis have taken thousands of students out on the water. Large paddle boards keep even people with poor balance (like Jake) dry. A small anchor makes sure the students and teachers don't float away into the Pacific Ocean. While the team can't promise you will not fall in the water, the likelihood is very slim.

If you have an idea for Jake and Penny, please reach out with an email at Groovin@kfmb.com or find Jake on social media at @JakeGaregnani.