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Randy Jones and Tony Gwynn Jr. talk about new MLB rule changes

The duo tell us their opinions on everything from the DH in the National League, to extra inning rules to how many games they think the Padres will win this year.

SAN DIEGO — Sitting down with Randy Jones and Tony Gwynn Jr. is always entertaining.

The two former Padres, from two generations, one was a pitcher and the other one was a positional player and now is a broadcaster for the team.  

Here is part of a conversation I recently shared with them about the National League adopting the designated hitter rule, the new extra innings rule being used and a prediction on how the Padres will do this year.

John: Let's start off with a designated hitter rule. Do you like it? Or do you not like it? And how will that change the National League this year?

Tony: I don't know if I like it, but I think it's good for baseball.

Randy: It hated the way that pitching is going right now, Tony, they should work on it. They don't need to hit.

Tony: We need more action as it is, and having the pitcher's hit doesn't seem to help the action part.

Randy: Us old time baseball people you know, we're gonna be traditionalist to a degree but I understand the designated hitter coming into the National League. It was inevitable.

Tony: I think there was a time when pitchers enjoyed the challenge of helping themselves with the bat. You walk around the league and you ask pitchers about it now, I don't know that they feel the same.

John: Next topic on the table, international tie break rule, putting the runner on second base to start in the 10th inning. You love it or you hate it?

Randy: I hate it! Come on, you guys. I mean, speed up rules. There's a lot better ways to speed up a game of baseball than in an extra inning game you start with a guy on second. I didn't do anything wrong. Why should I have a guy on second? That's stupid. 

John: That sounds like a pitcher talking. 

Randy: Oh, really? Do you think?

John: That's predictable coming from Randy. Tony, what are your thoughts about it?

Tony: I thought that created some strategic issues for teams where they had to kind of think it through. I thought I would hate it, but I actually like it. As a broadcaster, it saves me lots of hours.

Randy:  You know what, John, that's what I was gonna say. After you've done nine innings. You're on radio, you don't want to go fifteen.

Tony: It's for selfish reasons. I have to admit,

John: I think baseball needed to do something in that regard, because what other sport do you finish regulation, it's tied, and people start leaving? You get into that 12th, 14th, 16th inning and the fans are heading out. It's too much time, so I think something needed to be done, and this is a good first thing.

Randy:  Keep the beer sales open! Let's leave beer open.

Tony:  No, don't do that.

John:  Final question. How many wins do the Padres get this year? And do they make the postseason?

Randy:  I'm gonna go with 85 wins. The pitchers got to convince me if you want to go any more than that. On the bottom, maybe a Wild Card right in there.

Tony: I'm gonna go a little higher. I'm gonna say 90 wins. They potentially have a staff that can carry the load.

Randy: Hey, Tony, if they get 90, will you buy John and I one of those hats? 

Tony: Absolutely, absolutely. 

Randy: I'm almost excited now man.

John: I was gonna say where did you get that hat, but more importantly, Randy, would you ever wear a hat like that?

Randy: Negative. No. And if I did, I wasn't sober.

Tony: For a bald headed man like myself, it keeps the sun off my head.

Randy: I love it, man. You look good, buddy.

John: He does. Yeah, he's got the look. He's rocking it. Randy and Tony, thank you so much for your time and let's wish the best of luck on the Padres this year.

Randy: Go Padres

Tony: Agreed.

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