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Spanos responds after report shows Chargers moving to London is a possibility

Spanos told media in Los Angeles the story was "f-ing BS" and the team is staying in Los Angeles for a long f-ing time."

SAN DIEGO — Anyone who watches the NFL even casually knows the Chargers move to Los Angeles has been an utter failure. From opponents fans filling the stadium to absolutely dismal television ratings in Los Angeles, the NFL may be preparing to do something.

According to a report from Vincent Bonsignore of the Athletic, the Chargers and the NFL both have interest in the Chargers moving again, this time to London. In his report Bonsignore writes, "the possibility of the Chargers moving to London has been broached among league personnel" and the "Chargers would at least listen if the NFL approached them about London as a possible option."

The report seems to show the Spanos family currently remains fully committed to moving into the $4.5 billion stadium that is being built by LA Rams owner, Stan Kroenke.

One particularly troubling thing for the NFL was even with the team winning 12 games in 2018, the team still is considered a laughing stock by most Angelenos.

Bonsignore writes that London "offers the Chargers and the NFL an immediate and rare opportunity to fix a glaring problem in a way that checks off multiple boxes, both for the franchise and the league."

Chris Halpin, the NFL’s chief strategy and growth officer was quoted in the story saying, “It's definitely within the realm of possibility."

For San Diegans willing to take the team back, simply put, it ain’t happening as long as the Spanos family owns the team. As many NFL fans know, being an owner is basically a license to print your own money so don’t bank on a sale any time soon.

CBS Sports put it very succinctly, “the bottom line is when there is money to be made by the NFL, do not count anything out.”

The story gained so much traction overnight, Dean Spanos responded to the rumors. He told media in Los Angeles the story was "f-ing BS" and the team is staying in Los Angeles. 

The Chargers official twitter account weighed in on the story. 

The National Football League also issued a statement rebuffing the report.