SAN DIEGO — Parents are upset over discipline policies in the San Diego Unified School District that they say allows students to behave badly without facing any consequences.

Parents brought their concerns to the school board for the second time Tuesday.

"It's a broken, broken policy," said Norris Hill.

Hill has a sixth grader at Standley Middle school. Hill and many other San Diego Unified parents spoke out about the policy for the first time during a board meeting in February. 

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Hill says a child in his son's class has continued to assault students and threaten them without any consequences such as suspension or expulsion.  

"Bringing a gun to school, a fully loaded bb gun that resembles a Glock and I actually have one to show, taking a pencil sharpener apart and threatening the kids," he said.

The superintendent had planned on looking into the discipline policy but tonight Hill says improvements haven't been made.

"Since then there have been multiple incidents from the very same attacker," he said.

The policy relies on counseling or mediation before suspension or expulsion. It's meant to give a restorative approach to negative behaviors. Studies have shown stricter discipline policies correlates with higher dropout rates.

"I just want someone to acknowledge there's an issue with the discipline policy and they're going to do something about it," he said.

CBS 8 reached out to the district and asked if any changes would be made. The district said that it's continuously looking into its policies.

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