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Possible rotating outages, how to find where you land on SDG&E's list

If rolling blackouts begin, SDG&E has a list showing which circuits would lose power first.

SAN DIEGO — SDG&E has a list of which circuits it would turn off first if rotating outages begin.

As of Tuesday night, the list started with Casa De Oro, Point Loma, Laguna Hills and so on. SDG&E said it would begin cutting power from the first half dozen circuits listed. 

Those circuits would be without power for about an hour and the next set of circuits would follow. Find your circuit on your SDG&E bill and the full list of circuits, here.

The need for these outages all comes back to supply and demand.

"It's a bit of this vicious cycle because the heat itself causes people to use more electricity and the heat also makes the grid itself more inefficient," said Curtis Tongue, the chief strategy officer of Ohmconnect.

Tuesday marked the seventh day of Flex Alerts. 

They're meant to encourage people to voluntarily conserve energy and avoid blackouts. Cal-ISO elevated the situation and announced an Energy Emergency Alert 1 Monday morning. 

Tongue said said level one means, "It's safe to say there is serious concern about supply not meeting demand. There's obviously a heat wave and maybe a ton of generators have been knocked off line."

An Energy Emergency Alert 2 went into effect Tuesday which means all hands are on deck. Manufacturing plants and commercial facilities are asked to cut back power usage. Cal-ISO said an Energy Emergency Alert 3 was very likely and was declared Tuesday night.

"Then EA 3 is hey everything else hasn't worked then the next step really is just to initiate those rolling blackouts," Tongue said.

Cal-ISO ended the Energy Emergency Alert 3 Tuesday after 8 p.m. and tweeted saying, "consumer conservation played a big role in protecting grid reliability."

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