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Uber passenger from out of state robbed at gunpoint in East Village

An Uber passenger from out of state was robbed at gunpoint in the East Village, and his driver was carjacked.

SAN DIEGO — An Uber passenger from out-of-state was robbed at gunpoint in the East Village Saturday morning, and his driver was carjacked.

"I'm Joel Chapella, and I literally just got robbed at gunpoint," said the passenger who was napping during his Uber trip when several men robbed him at gunpoint and then carjacked the Uber driver, according to Chapella.

San Diego police were called to the intersection of 10th Avenue and C Street in the Downtown San Diego area around 5:30 a.m. following reports of a carjacking.

Officers arrived on the scene and were told by the Uber driver, who was in the midst of a trip, was stopped at a red light when 3-4 men surrounded his car.

Chapella, who was asleep when the crime occurred, was pulled from the back seat of the Uber and robbed of his cell phone at gunpoint.

Officers later received reports of a crash at Park Boulevard and G Street in the Downtown area of a vehicle that matched the description of the Ford sedan stolen from the Uber driver. 

According to a witness who spoke with OnScene.TV, the suspects were nowhere to be found.

No injuries were reported.

San Diego police said an investigation is ongoing.

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