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'A bucket of crazy symptoms' | Omicron presents unique symptoms compared to previous variants

San Diegans describe having night sweats and other new symptoms with the omicron variant of COVID.

SAN DIEGO — Doctors at hospitals and urgent cares are seeing more patients are coming in reporting newer symptoms associated with the omicron variant of COVID including night sweats.

“Night sweats. I got night sweats, which I did not know was a symptom of COVID. I went and looked online to see if that was a symptom. And it turns out that it is,” said Jason Borgmann, an Escondido father.

Doctors say night sweats weren't a common symptom with previous COVID variant cases but are with omicron.

“Since the beginning of this pandemic with COVID 19 it's always been a bucket of crazy symptoms,” said Dr. Davey Smith, UCSD Chief of Infectious Diseases and Global Health.

Borgmann said the sweats lasted four nights and Sunday night was the first without symptoms.

“I mean waking up at the middle of the night just soaking. My giant forehead was covered in sweat. My pillow looked like a glass of water had been spilled onto it and the sheets were soaked,” said Borgmann.

Jason thinks he may have caught the virus from one of his 6-year-old twins.

“My daughter complained about lower back pain. And my daughter doesn't complain about anything. And what 6-year-old gets lower back pain?” said Borgmann.

At the time Jason thought she may have fallen off her bike and hurt herself and didn’t think it was COVID but by the time he started getting COVID symptoms and tested positive, his kids were negative.

Lower back pain is a symptom even in kids.

At first Jason didn't think it was COVID, he's vaccinated, masks and said he doesn't really leave the house but took a PCR test and tested positive.

“I thought it was more likely allergies. And then maybe you know, a cold,” said Borgmann.

Dr. Smith said these symptoms shouldn't be ignored even if you think it's the common cold.

“We've know the most common in terms of cough headache, fatigue, fever and those are still the case with omicron but there are other things losing taste and smell, scratchy throat, feeling a little run down,” said Smith.

CBS 8 asked on social media what unique symptoms they have heard of associated with the omicron variant.

On social media people are reporting weird vivid dreams and bloodshot eyes.

The smell of garbage, night sweats, a bright red nose are omicron symptoms some people are reporting. What unique or new symptoms have you heard of?

Posted by CBS 8 San Diego on Monday, January 10, 2022

Alissa said a long-haul effect from the Delta variant is that for three months now when her family eats onions, meat or coffee they taste sewage and anything minty tastes like chemicals.

Kirsten commented that her nose burns as if she is breathing in -40-degree air and she has a headache.

“All of those symptoms should let people think 'Was I exposed?' 'Should I get tested?'” said Dr. Smith.

Jason Borgmann added not to ignore the symptoms no matter what you think it is.

“Don't assume you have a cold. Don't assume [it's] your allergies. Don't assume anything else. Assume COVID and, you know, act accordingly,” said Borgmann.

Remember omicron symptoms can be mistaken for the common cold or flu. Doctors say to stop the spread please isolate until symptoms subside.

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