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Family and friends hold vigil for missing Chula Vista mother

The husband of the missing mother says he is concerned and alarmed his wife has been missing for more than a week.

Loved ones held a vigil for Maya Millete at Mount San Miguel Park, just up the street from her home in East Chula Vista where she was last seen on Friday January 8.

Chula Vista Police say they are investigating the mother's disappearance and currently have not found evidence of a crime and say Millete’s husband Larry Millete is cooperating.

Millete says he got concerned when she missed their daughter's 11th birthday. They also have a 9-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old daughter.

“That's what's concerning and alarming that she wouldn't be gone this long,” said Larry Millete.

News 8 spoke to Mr. Millete on the phone after the vigil. He spoke about his wife of 21 years in the present and doesn’t know why she would go missing.

“I don't want to speculate and there is a lot of speculation,” said Millete.

On Thursday, family and friends held a vigil for Maya but Larry didn’t go because he says he's a private person but saw the crowd when he picked up his 11-year-old daughter from the vigil at Mt. San Miguel Park.

“When I got to see a little bit of it and I was overwhelmed with all the support,” said Millete.

At the vigil, each candle was lit to shine hope in finding the 39-year-old woman mother of three.

“It's been a nightmare, painful heartbreaking,” said Maricris Drouaillet, Maya’s sister.

She says Maya’s children were the last one's to see her inside their San Miguel Ranch home, her family says her Jeep and Lexus were still parked in front of the house.

“She is always on her phone but her phone was off all day Friday,” said Drouaillet.

Her sister says her bedroom door was locked but she wasn’t inside and on Sunday missed her daughter’s birthday where they planned to celebrate in Big Bear.

“Any mother wouldn't miss their daughter's birthday,” said Drouaillet.

Her sister confirms Larry and Maya had an argument the night before she went missing but doesn’t know what it was about. Police say the couple had marital problems but says the husband is cooperating and they’ve searched the home twice and have not found evidence of a crime and have not issued search warrants, but several detectives are investigating Maya’s disappearance.

Maya’s family says she loved the outdoors and hiking and adored her children.

“She was fun-loving and kept us going,” said Drouaillet.

Despite being active outdoors and online, police say there is no digital footprint since her disappearance.

“We would love to have heard from her, one message something,” said Richard Drouaillet, Maya’s brother-in-law.

The family created the Find May/Maya Millete Facebook page and say they’ll continue search teams and vigils until they find her.

“I won't stop until I find her,” Drouaillet.

If you have any information call Chula Vista Police at (619) 691-5151.

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