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College Area residents call on San Diego elected officials to respond to surge in violent crime

Residents say the city is failing to act on a rise of violent crime, placing young students and the entire community in jeopardy.

Jesse Pagan, Dorian Hargrove, Jordan Ray

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Published: 10:40 PM PST November 21, 2022
Updated: 11:10 PM PST November 21, 2022

For College Area residents it has become routine; to wake up on a weekend morning to text messages from neighbors listing the violent crimes that happened around SDSU the night before. 

Since the beginning of October, those text messages included, two reported rapes, three sex crimes, two shootings, 12 assaults, five home burglaries, five reports of drunk in public, and 14 car thefts, all within a mile of San Diego State University.

The residents are not alone. Violent crime is up in San Diego. But College Area residents say it is different in their neighborhood. On the weekends it is not unusual to be roused from sleep by the sound of gunfire, loud fights, or drunken youth vandalizing homes and cars on residential streets. It is now common for many of the same residents to learn about rapes occurring steps from their homes on any given weekend.

The numbers only bolsters their arguments.

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