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How to avoid back-to-school stress

The school year is nearly in full-swing - students across SD county have returned or will in the coming weeks. Here are some tips to handle the back-to-school stress

SAN DIEGO — It’s one thing to deal with peer pressure when going back to school and now students may be dealing with post-pandemic stress on top of it. 

So, what is the best way to cope with that back-to-school anxiety? 

First, For Parents

As summer break comes to a close, local parents are feeling back-to-school stress.

"Two kids is definitely a handful and both my wife and I work. It's been a challenge," said Arash Adami, a San Diego father of two children.

"Oh my gosh, it is stressful but rewarding. It’s the biggest blessing and challenge," said Andrea Davis, a San Diego mother of three.

After two summers of uncertainty, parents and students are doing their best to cope with the new reality of a post-pandemic world.

"Just getting them ready and excited about it. Half of my daughter's life was in quarantine and in a pandemic, so hopefully, she can transition well," said Adami.

"We're excited for him to go back to school but sad to see him go and we are looking forward to getting back into a routine," said Davis.


Getting back to the regular routine post-pandemic is one of the most important things students can do to avoid stress according to Sharp Mesa Vista clinical psychologist, Dr. Kelsey Bradshaw.

He says there’s been an increased demand for mental health services for children. He provides therapeutic tools to adolescents dealing with back-to-school stress.

"Some helpful tools are to think about compassion and self-compassion. Thinking about common humanity," said Dr. Bradshaw.


  • As for some other tips:
  • Preparation is key
  • Avoid waiting until the last minute to buy school supplies
  • Exercise is essential
  • Adjust to a regular sleep schedule
  • Meditate
  • Talk it out

"Talk about it in an open and positive way and create spaces to check-in. Providing those opportunities and showing compassion and concern brings empathy to what they are discussing," said Dr. Bradshaw.

Parents are hoping for an easy transition back into the classroom this year.

"Hopefully, there are no other shutdowns in San Diego," said Adami.

"Yes, hopefully, it is a smooth transition," said Davis.


But it isn't only parents and psychologists that have some helpful tips. Students do as well.

"Don’t let problems stop you. Drop friends if you have to and if they are mean. Be yourself and know that you are worthy. If you have to let friends go, boys, enemies, anything," said Crowne Point Junior Music Academy 5th grade student, Sophia Gibson.

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