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Chula Vista couple celebrating three new babies after struggling to conceive

A Chula Vista couple dreamed of having a baby for twelve years and had more than just one. They want to inspire hopeful parents never to give up.

CHULA VISTA, Calif. — A Chula Vista couple is grateful to celebrate the new year with their three new miracle babies. Tommy and Amanda Gibson delivered triplets in October but faced many complications before, during, and after their births.

The couple had been trying to build a family for twelve years. They faced many challenges, and IVF and Scripps Health helped bring not one or two but three miracles into the world.

Asher is known as a mama’s boy, Ansley is the princess, and Axton melts mama’s heart.

The Gibsons had been waiting for the threesome for over a decade.

“We thought it wasn't going to happen,” said Amanda Gibson.

Fortunately, they turned to IVF to help build their family.

“It's a job I always wanted; I just didn't know I would get it three-fold,” said Tommy Gibson.

They understood with IVF; they had a chance of having multiples.

“With the second, it was pure excitement, I always wanted twins, and the third was amplified but shock,” said Amanda.

Triplets can carry complications. Amanda's obstetrician and perinatologist, a high-risk OB, Dr. Sean Daneshmand at Scripps Health, says it's all about having trust and confidence in your health care team.

“I think the most important thing is that Amanda, like many other amazing women out there, went with the flow, she understood there were complications, but she maintained a very positive mindset,” said Daneshmand, Medical Director for the Perinatologist Program at Scripps Clinic.

The Gibsons had many scares throughout their pregnancy, including bleeding, placenta previa, another hospital stay, and at 34 weeks, she gave birth to triplets.

Amanda was diagnosed with preeclampsia after birth and was admitted to the hospital while her three babies were in the NICU at Scripps La Jolla and Scripps Chula Vista for two weeks.

They came home around Halloween, but at two months old, Asher started coughing.

“A lot of labor breathing which was as small as they were even at that time, was pretty scary,” said Amanda.

His brother and sister also got sick. Ansley was in Rady’s ICU for a few days.

“They all ended up in the hospital with RSV and respiratory support for two weeks,” said Amanda.

They came home just before Christmas.

“I was determined to not spend their first Christmas in the hospital,” said Amanda.

As the symphony of tears is conducted in their living room, the Gibsons move into formation and quietly calm their babies one by one with a bottle.

“As long as you have a routine, anything is possible. Whether you have one baby or ten babies. Routine is key,” said Amanda.

The Gibsons hope their story of resilience will inspire hopeful parents not to give up on their journey to parenthood.

“The reward is worth every disappointment along the way, every tear,” said Amanda.

Scripps NICU provides care through a partnership between Scripps and Rady Children’s Hospital.

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