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Escondido elementary school breaks unofficial PB&J sandwich record

Heritage Elementary Charter school tries to beat the unofficial record of a 107 foot long PB&J sandwich.

ESCONDIDO, Calif. — Students at a North County elementary school got themselves into a sticky situation today. They tried to beat an unofficial record for the longest peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Heritage Elementary Charter students in Escondido lined up with their game faces on.

The elementary students, teachers and their coach were not messing around when it came to making the unofficial longest peanut butter and jelly sandwich in U.S. school history.

Lined up on the table were 60 two-foot-long Deanna’s gluten free loaves of bread, 34 quarts of Jelly Bear Jelly, and 100 pounds of peanut butter. 

Their goal was to beat a school in Denver who built a 107-foot PB&J sandwich in 2018.

“[It’s] unofficial but as long as you have competition, I don't need someone to validate for me, I validate it myself,” said Matt Weathersby, Jelly Bear Jelly owner.

He came up with the competition and is coaching the students and staff on their spreading skills.

It was a team effort, but students and teachers were competitive.

“It was tricky because we were trying to beat the teachers because they are faster than the kids,” said Emma Paulin, a 4th-grade student.  

In 2014, when LeVora Cardenuto was a junior across the street at Escondido Charter High, they teamed up with the elementary school to break the record then and built a 50-foot PB&J sandwich.

“To come back as a staff member and triple it has been fun,” said Cardenuto.

In three minutes and 27 seconds, the school finished building the unofficial longest PB&J sandwich, which stretched 113 feet long.

“It was pretty fun, I made six sandwiches,” said Francisco Frausto, a 5th-grade student.

Jazmin Aguilar-Resendiz said she didn’t let the pressure get to her.

“I had to get the peanut butter and do like spread it around everywhere, it was actually really more fun than I thought it would be. I thought we had to do it in a hurry, but it was really good,” said Aguilar-Resendiz.

Now, these students feel like they can give their parents a break and make their own PB&J sandwiches.

“Now I can make it for my own lunch,” said Kyler Seavello, 5th-grade student. "I'm a master." Parents can make those lunches in a jiff.

“We can make our lunch now so they don't have to do anything,” said Aguilar-Resendiz.

Weathersby says he thinks he’s built the longest PB&J sandwich on military property. In 2016, he coached servicemembers in building a 301-foot long PB&J sandwich on the U.S.S. Midway.

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