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City of Encinitas officially bans smoking in public places

Smoking cigarettes will be banned in parked cars, public places of employment and public sidewalks.

ENCINITAS, Calif. — The Encinitas City Council adopted a citywide ban on smoking in public places which prohibits smoking on sidewalks and even inside parked vehicles.

The city council voted unanimously to approve the smoking ban Wednesday. The ban makes it illegal to smoke in any area within 20 feet of a public place.

Smoking was already banned in many outdoor areas of the city including beaches, trails, city parks and outdoor dining areas. Now, smoking cigarettes, vapes and marijuana will be banned in parked cars, public places of employment and public sidewalks.

"Thank you all from an environmental standpoint and for our health and safety," said a Encinitas resident.

CBS 8 listened to the public comments and nobody spoke up to oppose the new citywide ban. In fact some community members feel the new smoking ban isn't strict enough.

"Our families and youth live in multigenerational unit residences where they share walls and ventilation where they share walls. Drifting smoke can cause a host of health problems," said another Encinitas resident during public comment.

She voiced concerns about the risk of second-hand smoke and wants the council to take steps to ban smoking in apartments and multi-unit complexes in the future.

"There are already 77 municipalities in California that ban smoking in multi-unit complexes," she said. "Thank you for your consideration"

Under the new Encinitas ban, people can still light cigarettes inside a car that's being driven on a public or private street. Smoking on private property will still be allowed.

The city says the smoking ban ordinance will take effect in July.

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