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How do the waves stay outside of The Marine Room in La Jolla?

If you've ever been to the Marine Room restaurant, you know the food is great but the waves are the big attraction.

SAN DIEGO — If you've ever been to the Marine Room restaurant in La Jolla, you know the food is great but it's the waves that are the big attraction. 

During the last King Tide, the waves were crashing over the building. But how do the waves stay outside and not crash through the iconic windows? Well, we're going to answer that question.

The Kellogg family founded the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club in the 1930 and William Kellogg is the current President.

"We are literally in the surf at times... we become the Submarine Room," Kellogg said.

"There's a great picture of my Grandfather behind that bar, his pants legs rolled up in water serving people," Kellogg said.

That was in 1941, the first time the ocean came in. 

The restaurant was rebuilt but this time because World War II bulletproof glass was installed. The glass was bulletproof, just not ocean proof. 

Fast forward 40 years to 1982 at the Tennis Club.

"I was at the tournament desk, and I got a call, water is seeping into the Marine Room," Kellogg said. 

Mother Nature would not be denied. But this time it wasn't the glass that failed.

"It was really because the salt water had corroded the steel I beams," Kellogg said. 

It took nine months to rebuild, that time with re-enforced steel covered with Gunite, which is used in swimming pools and even better bullet proof glass.

"It was a 2-ply, 3/4" and 1/4" that was bonded together and then a tint to help with the sun," Kellogg said. 

Kellogg says the design along the footing is part of the reason the building has survived

"They built the Sea walls in a curve, so what happens when the water comes in it reflects back on itself. You're actually use the wave power to offset what's coming," Kellogg said. 

And with a newly remodeled lounge, the Marine Room is hoping Mother Nature will continue reform and not act out. 

If you'd like to see this High Tide show, the Marine Room will be resuming High Tide dinner in June, just be sure to plan ahead.

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