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Scores of leopard sharks move towards La Jolla Shores

Gestation season brings leopard sharks to the shallow waters off of La Jolla

SAN DIEGO — It's that time of year when the Leopard Sharks show up at La Jolla Shores and to help us find them is Alexandra Meir y Teran from Everyday California.

"They'll be right in this area in front of the Marine Room Restaurant, we call that Leopard Shark City," said Mier y Teran.

We were on the morning tour when the ocean tends to be calmer.

"Basically, it's an hour tour, you're going to be in that water for an hour. Of course," cautioned Mier y Teran, "it's Mother Nature so we can't predict what we're going see."

Or not... because today was a bust! 

However, being a savvy marketing coordinator for Everyday California Meir y Teran had videos from the past couple of weeks.

"If you're looking for a swimming experience with sharks this is probably the easiest it's going to get," she said.

That's because the leopard sharks are here for a reason.

"During the summer and early fall, we see the migration of leopard sharks who come over to the La Jolla area to enjoy the warmer waters and give birth sooner than a typical pregnancy of sharks," said Meir y Teran.

As far as becoming shark bait... not to worry.

"They're looking to scoop up crustaceans on the ocean floor and grind them with their teeth rather than bite humans."

And if you are new, snorkeling Everyday California gets you in the water.

"You can really have that hands-on experience to have us be able to show them how to do, to use the gear and know where to go to see them," said Meir y Teran.

"Our tour guides are an information bank to explain to people what they're seeing and how it really affects the greater ecosystem we're enjoying here

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