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Organization tips for cleaning up after Christmas

Author of Master Organizer of Mayhem, Kristi Clover, joined Morning Extra to give some easy but helpful tips to clean up the mess that Christmas left behind.

SAN DIEGO — It is December 26, that means that Santa has come and gone and your home probably looks like a cluttered mess. That is where Kristi Clover comes in. She wrote the book Master Organizer of Mayhem where she gives helpful tips to tame the chaos.

Clover stopped by Morning Extra to give some simple tips that will save people time and energy when it comes to cleaning up after the holidays. 

When it comes to decluttering, it is imperative to find the new items an home and label that home! Clover says it is important to label the new area and teach your kids where it is so they can be responsible for keeping the area tidy. The next thing Clover says to do is throw away all the wadded up gift wrap and break down all the boxes for easy recycling. The final tip is to bless others by donating or giving away less used clothes and toys. Clover says that kids are able to donate things much easier when they know the toy is going to someone else in need. 

Kristi Clover also gave some insight on how to store your holiday decor. Tip number one is to take pictures of how you decorated! This is a simple way of remembering where to put things when it comes time to decorate next year. It is also important to be strategic with what you keep. There is no sense in storing items that are no longer being used or that are falling apart. The final tip is to use clear bins to store your items. You can also label the bin with what it contains to make for easier decorating next year. 

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