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New In-N-Out coming to National City; inside the plans to mitigate traffic

To alleviate some drive-thru traffic at its first location, the city has approved to open a second In-N-Out location.

NATIONAL CITY, Calif. — Many agree In-N-Out is one of the best fast food restaurant options, some have said it's so good they don't mind waiting in a long line.

“Yeah it's definitely worth it,” said Clarissa Villanueva, who waited in a drive-thru line for almost 40 minutes for her In-N-Out order. 

But others in National City said getting their fast food burger is anything, but fast and that's because the restaurant is the closest one to the border and is considered the busiest In-N-Out in all of California.

It's also located right next to an Interstate 5 freeway ramp where vehicles exit and are forced to be met with congested drive-thru traffic.

To alleviate some of that traffic the city has approved to open a second In-N-Out location on Plaza Drive with hopes of minimizing congestion at the first location.

In a 3-2 vote, the City Council recently approved granting an appeal filed by the burger company that allows them to open a new site.

In-N-Out had appealed a previous project in which commissioners confirmed the proposed site would increase traffic congestion. This time the new project which provided traffic studies shows it will mitigate traffic. 

“We are able to mitigate any issues with traffic over the next two years so if we do see any additional traffic flows that develop we are able to mitigate them over two years and In-N-Out  would be paying for that,” said Councilmember Jose Rodriguez. 

The current elected official opposes a second location and that's because of the drive-thru issues.

“Not just congestion but also CO2 emissions from cars being turned on for 45 minutes while waiting in line,” said Rodriguez.

Meanwhile, Vice Mayor Marcus Bush supports a second location and says this will bring jobs and generate hundreds of thousands in revenue for the city–something they are already seeing with the current location.

“We need that revenue when it comes to hiring police officers, fire, when it comes to parks, city services,” said Bush. 

The new location will also replace an abandoned lot–Family House of Pancakes– the city says since that business closed, they have been dealing with homeless encampments. 

An official opening day for the new location has not been confirmed, however, the burger company has announced other new potential locations that may include Chula Vista and San Ysidro. 

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