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The Water Conservation Garden explains benefits of drought tolerant plants

San Diego is considered an Arid Mediterranean climate so pretty much anything grown from similar regions.

SAN DIEGO — It’s Springtime and if you're thinking of sprucing up your garden you might want to do something drought tolerant.

Which is exactly what they have at The Water Conservation Garden here in Rancho San Diego, but they say you're not just limited to succulents and cactus.

"Not only can you have color in your garden you can have color year-round,” said Pam Meisner is the Director of Operation and Programs at The Garden. “If you come to The Garden and see this landscape with the correct use of mulch and irrigation you can save 40% of your outdoor water bill,"

San Diego is considered an Arid Mediterranean climate so pretty much anything grown from similar regions.

"So, a lot of plants from the Mediterranean, Australia and South Africa. If you do your planting right, you can have plants blooming as long as you plant that out," said Meisner.

The colors and variety are astounding like the Apache Plume.

"Now, these plants are so important, they provide pollen for the bee's and butterflies, it's so important," said Meisner.

And all the color doesn't come from just the flowers like the Dusty Miller, with its silver green leaves and beautiful texture.

When it comes to fragrance, nothing beats lavender for attracting butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.

"So, who doesn't love and gently rubbing a plant and then (sniffing) beautiful!" said Meisner.

Pam also say's don't forget tree's

"Trees are really important in your landscape, we really need to keep planting tree's. It is the Lungs of the Earth."

The marina strawberry tree has great bark, gorgeous leaves and a berry that looks like, you guessed it a strawberry. Not sure how to do this?

"So that's the great thing about this garden...OH MY GOSH! we offer so much," said Meisner.

And she's not kidding.

"Say you want to learn to prune, or you have a hillside, maybe it's irrigation, or just designing,” said Meisner.

They'll even help you find the plants.

"So, you can just ask us when you get here who carries these, Walter Anderson's, Armstrong's and Niffing's Nursery there here locally," said Meisner.

And you get to see the plant in the ground.

"Until you see it in the landscape you really don't know. So, this is a great place to come and learn all about it.”

So, if you're looking to do something in your garden not sure where to go, you can visit their website here.  

They'll connect you with the people in the community or set you up with a program they might have to make your garden drought tolerant.

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