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Morse High School students help place a classic Cadillac front and center at the Las Vegas Concours D'Elegance

Inspiring the students is world famous automotive artist and teacher Manuel Cisneros.

SAN DIEGO — A classic Cadillac from the San Diego Automotive Museum is going to be front and center at the Las Vegas Concours D'Elegance with the help of the kids at Morse High School and a very inspiring teacher.

"It will arrive in Las Vegas early afternoon and on Saturday morning be on the Wynn golf course for the Las Vegas Concours this year. If we can spark something in these kids and they say that's what I want to do, we've succeeded," said Lenny Leszczynski who is the Director of the San Diego Automotive Museum.

Inspiring them is world famous automotive artist and teacher Manuel Cisneros.

"When they gave me the opportunity to come here, I jumped on it because I wanted to help these kids and to help my own community. If you really want to make a difference in the world you have to start with your neighbors," said Cisneros.

Cisneros partnered the San Diego Automotive Museum for hands on learning.

"They wanted to bring it to finish the top as well as some pin striping and I showed one of the students as well," said Cisneros.  

Kevin Casanova is that student.

"I learned how to manipulate the paint on the brush, to make a fine line on the car and create simple designs. I created a simple line down the door," explained Casanova.

Greg Quirin says the San Diego Unified School District couldn't be happier. "Our students are so fortunate to have a role model like Manny Cisneros because he's just not teaching them how to paint, he's teaching them life skills," said Quirin.

And that works for Manny, "I trust them to trust me, and they know I'm here and that if they do make a mistake, I'm here to fix it."

Which goes beyond body and paint. "The first step in life for me has always been taking that leap. If can teach them at a young age to take those leaps they'll be ahead in life as far as I'm concerned."

The Las Vegas Concours D'Elegance runs October 28 - 30.

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