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San Diego County takes action after reporting 8 community outbreaks in a week

In the last seven days, the county has seen eight outbreaks, which potentially "triggers" a setback in the county's reopening plans.

SAN DIEGO — On Thursday at 2:30 p.m., San Diego County gave a COVID-19 update. You can watch the entire update here. The county previously did not have a briefing scheduled for Thursday.

Supervisor Nathan Fletcher announced that San Diego County has recorded eight community outbreaks in seven days. This constitutes crossing off one of the predetermined 13 “triggers” that could slow reopening. 

“People are gathering and people are not using facial coverings,” said Dr. Wilma Wooten, who added this is a particular concern in private homes. 

While facial coverings have been required in public in San Diego County since May 1, the California Department of Public Health released a statewide mandate requiring facial coverings on Thursday. 

STATEWIDE COVERAGE: California orders people to wear masks in most indoor spaces

Fletcher said the county is taking the following actions in response:

1). Pause reopening of any additional entities the state allows. Businesses like nail salons are still allowed to reopen on Friday, but any future statewide approvals will be paused. 

2). Step up targeted ordinances (i.e. restaurants).

3). Continue to implore the public to adhere to guidelines, like wear face coverings, and avoid non-household members.

Three recorded outbreaks were at businesses, two were at restaurants, one was at a campground, one was at a private home, and one was at a “social club.” 

Wooten said the restaurant outbreaks are associated with staff. 

Fletcher said the county is not revealing specific business names because otherwise, businesses may not cooperate with contact tracers. However, Wooten said the county would publish a press release naming a business if they believed it was necessary for public health.

Three outbreaks will “fall” off list on Friday for the running weekly total. 

Wooten said it's imperative that people wash their hands, avoid crowded places and avoid dinner parties in order to prevent community outbreaks.

"We are not there yet and quite frankly won't be there until sometime next year," said Wooten. 

Fletcher said some of the coronavirus cases are coming from places that aren't legally allowed to be "open" in the first place per the public health order.

"People think that we can go back to the pre-COVID-19 existence," said Wooten. "We cannot."

"We really need the public's help and cooperation," said Fletcher.

The county will not have a briefing on Friday, June 19, unless there is major news to share.

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