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What's causing the 'Graypril' gloomy skies in San Diego?

The National Weather Service is calling this cloudy and gray April 'Graypril.'

SAN DIEGO — Gray and gloomy skies have many San Diegans wondering what happened to our famous sunshine.

Many people are familiar with May Gray and June Gloom. The National Weather Service is calling this cloudy and gray April, 'Graypril.'

"It's a little sad and gloomy ya know," said Travis Looney who lives in Ocean Beach.

Looney said he has never seen a spring in San Diego quite like this.

"I've lived here almost seven years and I feel like I pay way too much in sunshine taxes to have to deal with Portland weather," he said.

What's causing the Graypril gloom?

"It's a prelude to the May Gray and I think we're seeing it more this year because the sea surface temperatures of the ocean waters are near record cold levels and that's causing more gray for us," said Dan Gregoria, a meteorologist for NWS San Diego. 

CBS 8 asked if these conditions will cause May and June to be gloomier than typical years.

"I think so. That's typically our peak in the cloud cover that marine level deck near the coast and I think we're going to see a lot of days of that in May and even into June," he said. 

People visiting San Diego say they're still making the best of their time despite the overcast skies.

"It's still very beautiful. I flew in for Coachella this weekend but it has been great. It's just a little, a little cold," said Ray Wu who is visiting from New York.

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