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Challenges continue for some residents near the Valley Fire

There are mounting frustrations for residents near the Valley Fire, who say if they leave their homes near the CHP checkpoints, they won't be allowed back in.

JAMUL, Calif. — Feeling stranded while at home, Jamul resident Tom Minga said he's being blocked at road checkpoints from leaving and returning.

"I was prepared, but I wasn't prepared to be stuck here for six days. My ID has this address on it. I should be able to come in and out,” said Minga, who runs Snake Solutions Animal Removal.

Minga has had friends bring him food and gas for his generator, but his supplies and patience are running low.

"Tired of relying on people. I have a big dog. I can't go to a hotel and I've just been stuck here, as you can see it hasn't burned around here,” he said.

The Valley Fire is miles away from Minga’s trailer near Japatul Road and Lyons Valley Road, and he said there are inconsistencies for who can leave.

"My neighbors across the street can come and go, but I can't because I am on the south side, so people actually had to hand me stuff from across the line, and stay on their side,” Minga said.

Meanwhile, it's all smiles for the Muller couple in Lawson Valley whose home is safe.

"We have to thank God for the weather [that] was really with us this time - no strong winds,” said Ron Muller, who’s been married to Linda Muller for 16 years.

Ron Muller stayed behind and wouldn't leave their green home.

"I stayed with the house because that's the only thing we got,” he said.

He said with fire insurance being impossible to get in his area, Ron had defensible space and a generator although low to no signal for his cell phone.

“I had to walk up to the end of the street to get cell phone service here," Ron said.

Ron’s wife Linda stayed at her daughter’s house after the fire broke out and was overjoyed Thursday to finally be back home in Jamul safe and sound.

"I was glad to be home. I miss my husband. I want to be home. There's nothing like being at home in your own bed,” Linda Muller said.