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Teenage chalk artist creating laughter with her 'COVID Cartoons'

High school senior uses her neighborhood sidewalk chalk art to help families in need in her community.

SAN DIEGO — We could all use a laugh these days. In this Zevely Zone, I went to North Park to meet a teenage artist known for her sidewalk wit. 

Back in June, someone started leaving COVID cartoons on the sidewalk in North Park professing the "Five stages of quarantine". 

  1. Stage One: Fear.
  2. Stage Two: Sadness.
  3. Stage Three: Disgust.
  4. Stage For: Anger.

Soroya said she will share stage five with me at the end of the interview.

Soraya Young-Pen is a 17-year old sidewalk artist who up until a few months ago didn't really know she had this talent.

It is interesting that COVID is bringing out all of these hidden talents in people and for Soraya, it was sidewalk art. 

Soraya smiled and said, "Yeah, and definitely making people smile and have a good time when people go on their walks."

Soraya's art pieces aren't just mysterious popping up all over North Park but funny. 

Credit: Soraya Young-Pen

"It's brilliant and it's witty. The witticisms are what caught me," said Aaron and Julia Epstein. 

They didn't know what to think when Olaf showed up in front of their house with a line that read, "I'll understand this pandemic thing when I'm older."

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"Oh, she is so good. We thought it was a grown-up doing it and the fact she is a young kid is amazing," said Julia.  

One drawing shows a Zoom meeting when the camera is on and when the camera is off. You see a Disney Princess all dolled up for one the first picture and disheveled in the next.

Credit: Soraya Young-Pen

Another cartoon shows Ursula telling us to wear a mask because there's less makeup to do.

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Soraya's mother's favorite? "The bad breath one," laughed Toni Young-Pen. 

Who knew that wearing a mask covers your horrible breath. When asked where does she get her sense of humor, Toni assures us that it isn't from her.

Maybe mom can take credit for her daughter's big heart. Soraya wants to make you laugh and care. 

"I want to help some kids that is why I started the Go Fund Me page at my school," said Soraya. 

She is a senior at San Diego High who sees families struggling to pay their bills.

When asked how much is she asking for on her GoFundMe account, she said," I put $3,000 as a goal, but anything helps."

Soraya said that about $240 has been raised so far. 

News 8 viewers are generous, and I told her I had a feeling we are going to raise some money. Which according to Soraya could lead us to Stage Five of COVID which she describes as joy.

If you'd like to make a donation to help a family in need. We'll link you to Soraya's Go Fund Me page by clicking here.  

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