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High school student creates a 'One Stop Shop' website for COVID-19

The 16-year-old's website is being viewed by people around the world to view data related to the coronavirus.

SAN DIEGO — COVID-19 generates new headlines every day along with new trends and a staggering amount of information. In this Zevely Zone, I went to Rancho Penasquitos to meet a high school student who created a website that's a 'One Stop Shop' for all your COVID data.  

I met Sarah Dong in her backyard where she showed me her website called SD COVID 19 Chronicles

I asked her what is the orange line?  She told me, "This line is Los Angeles." 

And the blue line? "The blue line is San Diego," Sarah said.

Over the summer, the 16-year old high school student started gathering all of the COVID information she could find from five different sources. 

"And I just started aggregating all of that data," said Sarah.  

Credit: SDCOVID19Chronicles.com

She is a junior at Westview High. For most, SD COVID 19 Chronicles would be a full-time job. "It definitely would have been better if the pandemic was taken more seriously," said Sarah.

Credit: SDCOVID19Chronicles.com

She is serious about statistics. She compares San Diego to the rest of California and even the world by breaking down ethnicity, gender, and age. 

"There are more cases of COVID-19 for people for people ranging from 20-29 than any other age group," said Sarah. 

Her data supports the theory that the young are far much more likely to survive COVID.

"Basically, the older you are the rate of death is higher," said Sarah.

Credit: SDCOVID19Chronicles.com

Sarah says the world isn't just facing a pandemic but an infodemic. When asked for the definition of infodemic, she responded, "Basically where people and the general public may not be as informed on a particular topic as they should be."

 That's a nice way of saying, we really should be paying more attention. After a face-covering mandate, Sarah said she discovered, "There is definitely a clear trend downwards in confirmed cases."

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I asked this teenager when she thinks the pandemic will end. 

"I feel like not in the near future looking at the trends right now," said Sarah. 

I told her she sounded a bit like Dr. Fauci and she laughed.  

Sarah hopes you will check her website weekly for updates that can really save your life and just in case you don't here are the CliffsNotes. 

"Our actions can save lives to protect ourselves and others please wear a mask, wash your hands and social distance," said Sarah.

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Her website has been viewed by people in nine countries. It is sponsored by a grant from the Alliance of Chinese Americans San Diego. For a link to SD COVID 19 Chronicles click here.