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Fallbrook mother hits the road with 3 kids for an adventure of a lifetime

Anna Alcorn hitched SUV named 'Gypsy Queen' to camper and hit the road with three children.

FALLBROOK, Calif. — A Fallbrook mother is celebrating a road trip to remember. In this Zevely Zone, I met a family that took an adventure of a lifetime. Throughout the pandemic, most people stayed at home, but it brought out the pioneer in others. 

"Our car is called Gypsy Queen that's her name because she loves to travel," said Anna Alcorn.  

The Fallbrook mother said it was admittedly impulsive to hitch up her old SUV with 300,000 miles and said, "Let's do it right now, let's just go."

Credit: KFMB TV

Anna hit the road towing her Pioneer camper with three children Felix (15), Olive (13) and Hazel (9). She showed me a map that outlined their entire trip. "Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana," said Anna. "I asked the kids to tell me where in the country they wanted to go."

Credit: Alcorn family

Before leaving home, the family had to say so long to dad. "I'm not one to stand in the way of adventure," said Devon Alcorn. He is an in-classroom teacher and could not go on the trip.

"I teach online, so my job came with me," said Anna who gave me a tour of the camper. "Super cozy. Everyone had their own bed," said Anna.

Credit: Alcorn family

After touring Florida, the family drove to Vermont, then through Chicago and Montana.  The family told me they laughed their brains out watching the Blues Brothers' movie multiple times. "Hazel was suddenly addicted to it because she watched it and thought it was hilarious," said Felix.  

Felix told me the family mantra became: "We are on a mission from God." A mission making memories. It wasn't until midnight driving through Murrieta just a few miles from Fallbrook when it all suddenly hit Anna. "They were all asleep in the backseat, I was so grateful. I just lost it because I realized what I had done just. Sobbing!" said Anna.  

What was supposed to be a two-week trip turned in to five-month journey. "Definitely an adventure that I will not forget," said Felix.  Anna told us why she became so emotional in the home stretch. "Gratitude and shock, like who let me do this?" said Anna.

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A 15,000 mile lap around America and road trip to remember with their mom. "Who thought this was a good idea? I can't believe I let myself do this and that I had this vision and manifested it and made it happen," said Anna.

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Her advice to other families? "Just do it, just do it. It was amazing," said Anna. The mother says the more she trusted her instincts, the more confident she became on the trip. Anna plans on writing a book about their incredible adventure in hopes of inspiring other families to take a trip of a lifetime.

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