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Good deeds rewarded | Homeless men in Ocean Beach receive $25,000 in donations

The community jumped in to help Marc and Dave after their daily cleaning up of the beach area was spotted on a webcam.

SAN DIEGO — Two homeless men in San Diego want to thank News 8 viewers for changing their lives forever. In this Zevely Zone, I went back to Ocean Beach for the feel-good follow-up story that had one last huge surprise. 

The original story aired September 5 and told the story of Marc and Dave highlighting their good deed in the community.

Marc Gervais and Dave Hendon were spotted on a webcam picking up trash in O.B. by a man all the way across the country in New Jersey.

Homeless and living in their broken-down van, the men created a Go Fund Me page to ask for a little help. 

"As soon as you ran that on TV it tripled almost the Go Fund Me. I couldn't believe it and I can't believe it's as high as it is you know," said Dave.

"We'd like to thank you, gentlemen, very very much. I mean this has touched our lives in unimaginable ways," said Marc.

Credit: KFMB

Originally, Dave and Marc were hoping for $1,500, but more than $27,000 has poured in. 

"You've changed our lives in ways we've never dreamed," said Marc. 

Then Dave added, "It changes our lives because now we ain't broke." 

Dave and Marc are trying to rent an apartment along with sharing a taste of the good life too with their dog Pico.  

"He got a big old steak the other night," said Dave. 

For years, their good deeds went unnoticed. 

"Before everybody used to just ignore you but now everybody says Hi at least," said Dave. 

When you're homeless you can feel invisible, which is why they plan to pay it forward to help others struggling on the streets. 

"Yeah, it would seem right if we didn't," said Marc.  

Credit: KFMB

Donations are great, but Marc and Dave say compliments from beachgoers are more valuable than money. 

"The woman says to her husband 'Honey this is the cleanest beach in San Diego we've been to yet' and I was just like yeah, that is just what I want to hear you know? That is just what I want to hear," said Marc with a huge smile.

Credit: KFMB

I then told them, "We have a huge surprise for you today. This gentleman works for the Chrysler dealership and they are going to give you guys a bumper to bumper mini-van makeover."

Marc said, "You are going to make me cry aren't you?  You're kidding. Oh man!" 

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Jeremy Kleiger, the Service Director from San Diego Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram, has twenty technicians ready to repair whatever the van needs. 

"It's a great story, we want to help out too," said Jeremy. I asked him why they made the offer and Jeremy told me, "Because we need good right now."  

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For two men dedicated to picking up trash, It was finally time to drop the broom. 

"I got to, yeah, you got to do the happy dance you know live on TV!" said Marc dancing around the parking lot.   

If you'd like to make a donation to Marc and Dave, here is the link to their Go Fund Me page.

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