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La Jolla businessman spends $175,000 decorating his home for Christmas

Ace Rogers says all of San Diego is welcome to visit and enjoy free candy canes.

SAN DIEGO — Imagine spending nearly two hundred thousand dollars decorating your house for Christmas. In this Zevely Zone, I went to La Jolla to share a homeowner's special holiday message. Ace Rogers lives on La Jolla Boulevard but until December 30th you can call it Aspenville. "We basically have Whoville reincarnated," said Ace. "We wanted to recreate Whoville for La Jolla." The La Jolla homeowner and businessman goes big and bright every Christmas. "This time of year, it's just the time of year to go all out," said Ace.

Credit: Aspenville

The price tag of this year's gift to the community would make even Santa blush. I dared to ask how much money Ace dropped on the decorations. "This one? 175 thousand. It takes a lot of work to build these structures," said Ace. The display is called Aspenville and it's a tribute to Ace's three-legged dog. "This is Aspen. He is the richest dog in La Jolla, and I brand him as that to bring awareness to handicapped dogs," said Ace. "I want other people to adopt handicapped dogs."

Credit: Aspenville

Ace also wants to shine a bunch of Christmas lights on La Jolla's famous author. "Dr. Seuss is from here, so this is a great way to show tribute to La Jolla and Dr. Seuss who rest his soul isn't here anymore," said Ace. Dr. Seuss lived a generous life and Ace wants to continue his charitable ways. Along with his elaborate decorations that are open to the public, Ace is hosting a bike drive for children in need. "Absolutely, we are going to host a bike drive. We are going to have the driveway filled with bikes," said Ace.  

Credit: Aspenville

The businessman owns a digital marketing company and says this is his way of sharing his success and holiday spirit. San Diegans are welcome to visit for free and enjoy a few of the thousands of candy canes that will be given away. "It's amazing," said one mother as she walked in. "Thank you for doing all of this for everyone," said a grandmother. "I don't know how he does it, but he continues to do it year after year," said a dad with a baby sitting on his shoulders.

Credit: Aspenville

Ace decorates on other holidays too. He recently made headlines in Fortune Magazine. I asked him how much he spent this year on Halloween decorations. "That one was 50-thousand," said Ace. Just to make sure sugar plums weren't plugging my ears, I asked him again how much he spent on this year's Aspenville. "Did you say 175-thousand dollars?" I asked. Ace confirmed," 175 thousand, yeah. I am just happy to do it. It's really not about cost, it's about what I can do for the community and bring awareness to handicapped dogs. There is no price you can put on that."

Most of the time we do stories like these, homeowners don't give out their home address. To which Ace replied, "6052 La Jolla Boulevard, 92037, everyone is welcome, bring your kids, bring your dogs we'd love to have you. Merry Christmas to everyone."

Aspenville will be open to the public until December 30th. For more information about Ace and his La Jolla Whoville visit his Instagram page by clicking here.

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