SAN DIEGO — Tuesday afternoon high temperatures will be above seasonal norms.

  • Coastal highs 72°-80°, normal around 65°.
  • Inland highs 70°-81°, normal around 70°.
  • Mountain highs 54°-66°, normal around 54°.
  • Desert highs 74°-79°, normal around 73°.

At the beaches, water temperature is 59°-61° with a low rip current risk. Waves are 2'-3' from a lingering west-northwest swell and slowly building southwest swell in the evening. The UV index will peak at 6 (high).

There still remains a few low clouds by the immediate coastline, but much of the low clouds have dissipated earlier Tuesday morning. The majority of the day will be clear, bringing plentiful warm sunshine down on the region. The use of sunscreen is highly recommended.


Wind Advisory
KFMB Weather

A Wind Advisory has been issued for San Diego inland and mountain areas from 10 AM Tuesday until 12 PM Thursday. East winds 20-30 mph with gusts up to 50 mph will be strongest on Wednesday morning. The strongest winds will be in the foothills and adjacent valleys. The gusty winds can blow around unsecured objects.


Wind Gust Forecast
KFMB Weather

Surface high pressure is strengthening over the Great Basin. Offshore flow will start off in a more north to south direction, turning into a east to west orientation by Wednesday morning. Winds could gust around 60 mph in the more wind-prone locations. Offshore flow will be weaker Thursday and linger into Friday. 

Pacific high pressure dominates our weather pattern this week.
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Temperatures will warm up through the week with temperatures peaking on Thursday. Very slightly cooler conditions Wednesday with the increased winds, but will catch up on the warming for Thursday. Afternoon highs will be 10-20 degrees above seasonal average Tuesday through Friday. Conditions will be different going into the weekend. 

Weekend Pattern
Large-scale troughing arrives this weekend. A short wave trough will ripple across SoCal around Sunday, potentially dropping some rain.
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Low pressure troughing will come this weekend, leading to an end to the offshore flow and the return of onshore flow. Temperatures rapidly drop into the weekend, with nearly 20 degrees different from Friday into Sunday. The storm looks to impact the region Sunday into early Monday with rain. 

Microclimate Forecast - Caost & Inland
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Microclimate Forecast - Mountain & Desert
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