Tuesday afternoon high temperatures will be slightly above seasonal average.

  • Coastal highs 63°-69°, normal around 65°.
  • Inland highs 64°-70°, normal around 69°.
  • Mountain highs 53°-62°, normal around 52°.
  • Desert highs 67°-72°, normal around 68°.

At the beaches, water temperature is 59°-61° with a moderate rip current risk. Waves are 2'-4' from a subsiding west-northwest swell. The UV index will peak at 3 (moderate).

Mostly clear skies Tuesday morning make morning temperatures quite chilly. High clouds will be increasing over the region as a small trough makes it's way across California.


A small low pressure trough will pass through the West Coast on Wednesday. Afternoon high temperatures will be slightly lower Wednesday, coastal locations will not see much change in temperature.

High pressure will continue to strengthen in the latter half of this week. Temperatures will peak on Friday with afternoons being 5-10 degrees higher than seasonal average. Offshore flow will keep things dry and fair for most of the week.

The jet stream dips southward over the weekend, temperatures will drop to near or below average. Rain is not likely with this dip. A high pressure ridge will warm things back up early next week. 

Microclimate Forecast - Coast & Inland
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Microclimate Forecast - Mountain & Desert
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