SAN DIEGO — Wednesday afternoon high temperatures will be below seasonal norms.

  • Coastal highs 56°-61°, normal around 67°.
  • Inland highs 47°-60°, normal around 74°.
  • Mountain highs 38°-48°, normal around 60°.
  • Desert highs 61°-66°, normal around 83°.

At the beaches, water temperature is 59°-61° with a moderate rip current risk. Wave heights are 2'-4' from a rising south swell and a northwest swell mix. The UV index will peak at 6 (high).

Scattered rain continues Wednesday with a chance for thunderstorms and periods of heavy showers in the afternoon. Most areas will see another 0.1"-0.2" fall, but isolated locations could see up to 0.5" where the heavier showers fall. Snow possible for the mountains, with 3"-6" above 5500 feet.


Flash Flood Watch
KFMB Weather

A Flash Flood Watch has been issued for San Diego County below 5000 feet until 7 PM Wednesday. The possibility of heavy showers and thunderstorms with heavy rain creates a risk for flash flooding.


Scattered rain continues through Friday, with a chance of thunderstorms returning on Friday. This is due to the low pressure core returning to Southern California after performing a loop. The majority of the rain has already fallen but another half an inch is possible through Friday, with up to another 0.8" in the mountains. The low will quickly exit by early Saturday morning, leaving a dry and warmer weekend.

Synoptic Weather
The low comes back to extreme SoCal Friday after making a loop.
KFMB Weather

A troughing pattern stays over the region through the weekend, but the exit of that cold-core low will allow temperatures to recover slightly. Temperatures will slowly warm over the weekend, but onshore flow will keep things cool along the coast.

More significant warming is expected through midweek next week, with temperatures approaching seasonal averages.

Microclimate Forecast - Coast & Inland
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Microclimate Forecast - Mountain & Desert
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