Temperatures started to cool down today. While they were still warmer than average, highs slipped 5° to 10° from the inland heat we felt on Tuesday.

Temp Difference -- Today
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For the rest of the night, onshore flow will deepen the marine layer moving in coastal low clouds and patchy inland fog through Thursday morning. Expect a repeat performance on Friday AM.

Overnight Lows -- Thursday
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A trough of low pressure will remain intact over the West Coast through Friday. This will usher in more cool air as daytime highs dip into the seasonal range west of the mountains.


  • Coastal highs near 70°, normal around 70°
  • Inland highs near 77°, normal around 76°
  • Mountain highs near 74°, normal around 61°
  • Desert highs near 84°, normal around 78°


Surf Forecast
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Surf Forecast (2)
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By the weekend, a stronger high pressure system will move into the Great Basin. Temperatures will be 5° to 10° above normal inland on Saturday before a bigger warm up on Sunday. Afternoon highs will 10° to 15° degrees above normal due to offshore flow. 

Additionally, winds will be gusty at times along the coastal mountain slopes and inland valleys. Gusts could reach 35 mph.

8 Day Forecast Coast and Inland
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8 Day Forecast Mountains and Desert
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Models show a low pressure trough over the West by next week and closing in on Southern California. Temperatures will drop and there is the possibility of rain in the forecast starting Wednesday. 

*** Models have not yet come to an agreement on the dynamics of the system, this will be something to keep an eye on in the coming days. Stay tuned!