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Groovin' goes to new heights

Are you ready to rock?

SAN DIEGO — Are you ready to rock? If so, make your way down to Mesa Rim and join the incredible rock climbing community here in Southern California. 

The Mission Valley location featured in this edition of Groovin' With Garegnani is not Mesa Rim's only San Diego location. They also have facilities in Mira Mesa, North San Diego (Climbing Academy), and a fourth San Diego location coming later in 2020 in San Marcos. 

Based on my experience with the Mission Valley site that I visited, this place is an absolute palace! It's a breathtaking multi-story Mecca with towering walls over 50 feet, yoga classes and a fully-stocked fitness center. 

As is the case with almost every Groovin' episode, everyone is welcome! In addition to the climbing, yoga, and gym, Mesa Rim offers also offers youth camps, private instruction, team building and an incredible adaptive program. In fact the Mission Valley site will be the host of the 2020 Paraclimbing National Championships in late March! 

Mesa Rim is a safe and comfortable environment for people to learn and strengthen their rock climbing skills. And as much as we all love the outdoors, indoor rock climbing offers an accessible alternative to it's outdoor counterpart.

Not having to worry about a long drive, daylight running low, or inclement weather are just a few of the appeals to an indoor climb. In addition well planned and thoughtful climbing routes provide learning experiences for new climbers and tough challenges for a veteran. 

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The Mesa Rim mission statement is simple, "Improve the quality of life of our community" and that is exactly what rock climbing is; a community. When I took my 1979 VW Bus Penny Lane down to Mission Valley I was welcomed in with open arms and adopted instantly into the Mesa Rim Family. So, if you're not currently a rock climber I hope you're inspired to try something new. If you are well, climb on my friends! 

To learn more about Mesa Rim you can visit their website at MesaRim.Com. If you want to tag along with all of my adventures follow me on social media on Facebook, twitter and instagram. Also catch up on all the episodes of Groovin' With Garegnani! If you have a fun idea for me to check out feel free to email me at Groovin@kfmb.com.