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In-N-Out Burger serving up free hot cocoa on rainy days

Know someone 12 or younger? Your tiny one (or you if you're eligible) is in for a free chocolatey treat at In-N-Out Burger, but only on rainy days.

SAN DIEGO — If you're nearby an In-N-Out Burger on a rainy day, your tiny one (or you if you're eligible) is in for a free chocolatey treat!

CBS 8 San Diego confirmed with several In-N-Out locations across California that as long as rain touched the ground at any point of the day, hot chocolate is free for ages 12 and under.

The treat is typically mixed on location year-round for $1.65.

One stipulation from the burger chain said your kid does need to be with you when you go to claim the drink, so don't try to pull a sweet one!

In-N-Out whipped its hot cocoa the old-fashioned way – with hot water and chocolate powder from Ghirardelli chocolate.

No additional purchase was required, according to In-N-Out Burger, but you might as well make use of your time and grab a burger and fry (well done if you like your fries crispy) while you're there.

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